SoundGraph Remote+ Pro Application Presentation/Review

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SoundGraph have recently released an App for the iOS devices which works hand in hand with their HD Frame application and transforms our iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad into a fully functional remote, through which we can launch videos, listen to music, watch photos, get the latest news or watch Youtube videos of our choice. Of course, with the same application we can control most of the Windows applications by using the Virtual Keyboard and Virtual Touchpad.

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Remote+ Pro Presentation Part I

The Remote+ is a remote control App for iPhones/iPod Touch/iPads; with it we can transform our PC into an advanced media center HTPC, with easy playback control of various multimedia content like music, videos or photos. The Remote+ Server application, which is needed to be installed on the PC, creates and quickly updates our media database,, by searching added or deleted media files on the connected storage drives. The Remote+ App comes in two versions, each with its own limitations; the App can be used with any PC which has installed Windows OS and the best way to utilize Remote + Pro (Lite) is along with the iMON remote control series, Hummin' HTPC series or FingerVU touch monitor series, all available from SoundGraph:




The App on our Apple device communicates with the server application on our PC through WiFi; the Remote+ Server application will start at each Windows boot and will search to update the media content from time to time, even if the Remote+ Pro (Lite) App won't be started:




After the App has been bought from the App Store, we will see its icon on the Springboard:




The start-up interface shows us the time on the top, the available detected servers in the middle and on the bottom we have the possibility to add the servers manually, we can refresh the server list or we can go to the Remote+ Server Download page:




By connecting on one of the servers, we will find the interface split into three tabs named Library, Now Playing and Control. Inside the Library tab we will find the last type of multimedia content we have browsed previously, before closing the application, in this case Videos:




The bottom section of the interface does also have some buttons; by pressing each one, we can choose which type of content we are searching for like Music, Videos, Pictures, Youtube Videos or News:




By clicking on the Music button, we can search for content on our internal or external (connected) storage drives, by browsing in an Explorer-like interface or by selecting the drive letter and pressing "Scan" button (connecting storage drives while the desktop application is on might result in them not showing up in the application; this may be fixed in the next software versions):





After the files have been indexed, the results will be shown inside the Library tab:





When the music starts playing, we will get output on the PC monitor with the Graphical EQ along with some related photos; the Graphical EQ will be also shown on our iOS device, the Now Playing tab, which also has additional controls like Fast Forward, Play, Go to Next Track:




When playing videos, we can also click the "Now Playing" tab, which will reveal the name of the video, encoder used, along with the Graphical EQ and remaining time:





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