SoundGraph Remote+ Pro Application Presentation/Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2011-10-17

SoundGraph have recently released an App for the iOS devices which works hand in hand with their HD Frame application and transforms our iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad into a fully functional remote, through which we can launch videos, listen to music, watch photos, get the latest news or watch Youtube videos of our choice. Of course, with the same application we can control most of the Windows applications by using the Virtual Keyboard and Virtual Touchpad.

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Remote+ Pro Presentation Part II

While browsing through our preferred photos from the computer, we can also leave in background music playing, or even a video clip/movie:




The application comes with one more tab named "Control"; from here we can access the Virtual Keyboard, virtual "Touch Pad", additional Remote Controls, Navigation Controls or System Controls:




Virtual Keyboard (which can send text to the PC) and Touch Pad (iOS device can be used as a trackpad device) are two useful components that can be used along any other application installed on our system:





By using the Remote button, some other buttons will appear, which help us control various multimedia applications:




The Navigation button allows us to access additional system controls like the directional keys, Mute/Unmute button, Windows key, and so on:




The Youtube section allows us to select a predefined category, play starred clips or click on Youtube+, where we can search for our preferred videos, by using the Virtual Keyboard:





The News category can be controlled the same way:




The Shutdown section comes with buttons which allow us to disconnect from the current server, to close the HD Frame application, enter the system in Standby mode, Hibernate, Shutdown or Restart the system:




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