SoundGraph Remote+ Pro Application Presentation/Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2011-10-17

SoundGraph have recently released an App for the iOS devices which works hand in hand with their HD Frame application and transforms our iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad into a fully functional remote, through which we can launch videos, listen to music, watch photos, get the latest news or watch Youtube videos of our choice. Of course, with the same application we can control most of the Windows applications by using the Virtual Keyboard and Virtual Touchpad.

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At first I would like to thank SoundGraph for sending an evaluation version of their Remote+ Pro Application for testing and reviewing.


About SoundGraph:

"SoundGraph is a compound word from ‘Sound’ which represents Audio and ‘Graph’ which does Video respectively. As the company name implies, SoundGraph provides various multimedia products and services applying the latest digital media technologies.

With the start of the 21st century, Multimedia contents have been made in digital format, distributed at an amazing pace and various types of service have appeared. They, SoundGraph, have suggested new concepts from the customer’s point of view and have released creative and innovative products based on such concepts.

They have developed:

- real-time control technology for compressed audio files by using analog turn-table.

- PC remote control technology replacing conventional keyboard and mouse.

- Multi-channel compression audio format technology which enables to control properties of musical instruments in each channel.

- Direct-Independent Touch Control Interface for multiple USB monitors in one system


Recently they have introduced a new concept of HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) which is controlled by wireless touch screen instead of keyboard, mouse and remote control.

People at SoundGraph will keep eyes on rapidly changing IT technology trends and developments and also keep providing creative and innovative products and solutions."

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