Lamptron Fan Controller FC8 Review

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The FC8 Fan Controller from Lamptron sports a classic but stylish look and has 8 channels, each of them that can deliver up to 30W of power. As a customization option, we can change the LEDs for each channel in 7 different colors: White, Blue, Green, Cyan, Red, Purple or Yellow.

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A Closer Look Contd.

Under each knob, we can find the channel number laser etched:




Behind each LED hole, we can find a white plastic film, which give a nice effect:




The FC8 comes with the Lamptron “Endurance” technology, which ensures that the product is built with high quality components; at this model, solid capacitors are used, which can be seen between the two separate PCBs; most of the PCB components have no codes or manufacturer logos imprinted:





On the back of the controller we can find the 8 3-pin fan connectors along with the capacitors and MOSFETs for each channel:




The thick red/black power wires lead to no less than three MOLEX connectors; to ensure proper operation, all three must be connected to the power supply:





When powered on, the LEDs for each channel power light up (in case the knobs are turned a little to the right, and not in the OFF position):




Here is an example when the 3rd and 7th channels are turned off; we can note that even if we do not have a fan installed on a specific channel, the LED would still light up:




By using the channel 1 and channel 8 knobs, we can adjust the color of each LED:





With this feature, we can reproduce the look of the most fan controllers present on the market (a single color for each of the channels):




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Comment from pugh @ 2011/08/19
Last I checked the price was not too bad on this too.