Lamptron Fan Controller FC8 Review

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The FC8 Fan Controller from Lamptron sports a classic but stylish look and has 8 channels, each of them that can deliver up to 30W of power. As a customization option, we can change the LEDs for each channel in 7 different colors: White, Blue, Green, Cyan, Red, Purple or Yellow.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The beasty 8-channel fan controller from Lamptron, code named FC8 is shipped inside a fully sealed cardboard box:



On the frontal side of the package, we can find a photo of the controller, along with the main features:



The back of the package holds a product description, along with an “items list”, a chart with the technical specifications, the product features and the color of the controller inside:



After removing the first layer of the outer packaging, we can find a black cardboard box, with the company logo in the center:



Inside we can find the fan controller and its accessories, separated by protective foam, along with a Product Catalog:



As a bundle, we can mention the 3-pin fan cable extensions, screws for mounting the controller inside the case and an Instruction Manual:



The manual tells us all we need to know for installing and operating the device:



Inside the Product Catalog, we can find some other products manufactured by Lamptron:



The fan cable extenders are the same type as we have seen on the previously reviewed FC5V2:



Each channel has its own knob and customizable LED light; on the left side we can find the LAMPTRON logo, along with the code name of the product:


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Comment from pugh @ 2011/08/19
Last I checked the price was not too bad on this too.