ARCTIC Breeze Pro USB Fan Review for PCs and Laptop Users

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The Breeze Pro USB fan from ARCTIC is a solid built product, comes with a low noise 92mm fan which produces a gentle breeze during hot Summer time, a knob from which we can set its speed and a 4-port USB 2.0 hub on the base; in case we need to connect devices to the hub which need more power, we need to connect to the base an additional power adapter, which is not included.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The Breeze Pro fan from ARCTIC comes packed inside a transparent plastic casing, with some product details written in-between; the frontal side of the casing holds some information regarding the speed of the fan along with the speed of the USB hub:




On the back, we can find written the main product highlights, in 6 different languages, along with a table with product specifications:




The Breeze Pro fan design preserves the ARCTIC products colors and is an upgraded version over the ARCTIC Breeze Mobile:




On the base we can find a knob from where we can regulate the fan speed:




On each side we can find two USB 2.0 ports:




The back of the device has an extra DC-IN port, for plugging in an extra power adapter in case the devices we have connected are more power hungry:




On the bottom, we can find 6 small circular rubber feet, along with the space for routing the 1.8m long USB cable:





The fan body has a futuristic design; on each lateral we can locate a sticker with the product logo:




Here is a view from the back:



As the other fans available from ARCTIC, the 7 blades are white and in center we can find the ARCTIC logo:



The neck is flexible, for easy positioning:



When powered on, the ring around the control knob lights up blue:



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