ARCTIC Breeze Pro USB Fan Review for PCs and Laptop Users

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The Breeze Pro USB fan from ARCTIC is a solid built product, comes with a low noise 92mm fan which produces a gentle breeze during hot Summer time, a knob from which we can set its speed and a 4-port USB 2.0 hub on the base; in case we need to connect devices to the hub which need more power, we need to connect to the base an additional power adapter, which is not included.

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Impressions and Conclusive Thoughts

The USB Breeze Pro fan from ARCTIC can be used successfully during hot Summer time, bringing us a breeze of warm air when needed. The installation can be done in a snap and the provided knob lets us set the desired fan speed.


The 4 port USB hub located at the base helps us connect multiple devices at once; however, it is recommended to plug in the fan at a fully powered USB port, not another hub, because you may experience the issue of not being able to use the base hub ports successfully (USB Flash drives errors, disconnects and so on); when the fan was connected to a fully powered USB 2.0 port, I was able to use 4 Flash Drives at once without problems, with the fan turned up to maximum speed. However, in case we need to connect devices which need even more power, we have to use an external power adapter (not supplied with the Breeze Pro).


The Breeze Pro fan can be used also for cooling other electronics during Summer; by installing the fan at the left side of the Shuttle X35GT, I was able to bring the temperatures down quite a bit:


Without Breeze Pro Fan


With Breeze Pro Fan



After the measurement with the sound meter, half a meter away from the device, it is proven that ARCTIC do not lie when they tell us that the fan is silent (ambient noise, with the fan turned off was 29.6 dBA):




The Breeze Pro USB fan can be found in stores for about 9 Euros, not a very high price to pay considering its advantages. The power adapter could have been included along with the main product, but would have raised its price considerably.

ARCTIC Breeze Pro USB Fan Recommended For:


I would like to thank again to ARCTIC for making this review possible!


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