Lamptron Fan Controller FC5V2 Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2011-06-14

The FC5V2 fan controller comes with an improved LCD screen compared to the previous version, has the unique feature of being able to change the screen colour to one of the 7 available choices and provides more than enough power for each of the four channels (up to 30W).

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Features, Specifications

Product Features:

New and Improved LCD!

CNC milled face plate from blocks of 3/4" thick soild aluminium

Bring out that full aesthetic appeal you always wanted in the 5.25 inch Bay

Four knobs to control four 3pin channels

User's choice of displaying Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Voltages for the bottom line readout


Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 5.25" bay

Power Output: Up to 30w per Channel

Face Plate Color Available: Black Anodized/Silver Aluminium

DC Input: +12v (Standard 4-Pin Connector)

DC Output: 0-12v

Changeable Display Color: Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, White

Control Channels: 4

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