Lamptron Fan Controller FC5V2 Review

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The FC5V2 fan controller comes with an improved LCD screen compared to the previous version, has the unique feature of being able to change the screen colour to one of the 7 available choices and provides more than enough power for each of the four channels (up to 30W).

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The FC5 fan controller packaging has been sightly changed from the V1 version; the V2 comes fully sealed and on the frontal side of the box we can find the specification that this is the “V2” version, with a “New and Improved LCD”; also here we can locate a photo with the main product:




One of the package laterals contains a product description, along with the list of components:




The full list of specifications is located on the opposite side, along with the features and fan controller color (in this case the sample was “silver aluminum”):




After removing the outer packaging, we can find another box inside, with the Lamptron logo on top:




The box has two compartments, separated by protective foam:




Besides the controller, in the box we can find one extra jumper, 4 black screws, one power cable, 4 fan extension cables, the instruction manual and 4 temperature probes:




The fan controller can be powered up directly from the power supply, by using one MOLEX cable, or we can use the MOLEX extension cable that was supplied by the manufacturer:





The fan cable extensions are 3-wire and they are not sleeved:




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