RAZER TRON Gaming Mouse and Mat Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2011-03-31

Enter the TRON universe with the help of Razer and their Gaming Mouse and Mat combo; the high performance gaming mouse is shaped like a Lightcycle and when it is moved on the specially designed mat, it leaves a glow trail behind, exactly like on the Game Grid. The mouse also comes with sound effects, straight from the movie, when it is in initialization mode.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

Both the mouse and the mat from the Razer TRON combo are shipped in the same box; on the frontal side we can see the a photo of the products in action, along with the TRON, Razer and Disney logos:



When looking on one of the box sides, we can find the System Requirements listed:



Also, on the opposite side we can find a Product Description, but also the full Technical Specifications:



The back of the box reveals other interesting information regarding the product, along with the main Product Features:



When looking at the other laterals, we can see the special box design, along with the seals:



The internal box is not plain, but comes with an interesting texture, that can be also found on the mouse body, or on the mat; the TRON logo is present in the lower left corner:



Lifting the top of the box reveals a semi-transparent protective plastic piece, that covers the internals:



The first item that we will see after the removal of the protective cover is the mouse mat:



After the removal of the mat, we can find the documentation envelope, along with the TRON mouse, in a plastic frame:


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