RAZER TRON Gaming Mouse and Mat Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2011-03-31

Enter the TRON universe with the help of Razer and their Gaming Mouse and Mat combo; the high performance gaming mouse is shaped like a Lightcycle and when it is moved on the specially designed mat, it leaves a glow trail behind, exactly like on the Game Grid. The mouse also comes with sound effects, straight from the movie, when it is in initialization mode.

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A Closer Look Part II

The envelope also comes with the TRON Legacy logo, and a small Open sign:




The famous TRON bike can be found on most of the manuals; the Master Guide is separate for both English and French, we get Quick Start Guides for both the mouse and mat, and we can also find the famous Razer stickers or extra registration information:




One of the documents inform us on how to register the product on the Razer website; this way we will also become a member of the “Cult of Razer”:




The Quick Start Guide for the TRON mouse gives us information about the main product components, but also how to connect it to our desktop or laptop computer:




The Quick Start Guide of the mat informs us on how to use the TRON mouse on it, and which are its main components:




Inside the Master Control Program....hmmm, Master Guide, we can find besides the information we can get from the Quick Start Guide, how to use the software interface of the TRON mouse:




The regular Razer stickers are also present in the box; it would have been nicer if the green glow would have been replaced with a cyan TRONish version:




The TRON mouse comes with artwork directly from the latest movie and lights up gradually, when connected to a spare USB port; its shape is ambidextrous, comes with a braided cable for extra durability and its surface is all made of shiny plastic, in two different colors (black and cyan); unlike other mice, the TRON mouse turns on while sounding like a TRON Light Cycle starting up:




In the back of the mouse, we can also find a black Razer logo:



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