Sparkle Calibre X580 Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2011-03-10

The Calibre X580 graphics card offers impressive performance in most games and synthetic benchmarks, comes with a beefy but very efficient (and silent enough) air cooling solution from Arctic Cooling and if that wasn't enough, it is overclocked from the factory (810MHz GPU/ 2016MHz memory)!

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The Calibre GeForce GTX 580 from Sparkle is shipped inside a very stylish and professional looking box, fully sealed on the outside:




On the center of the front we can see a large silver unicorn Calibre logo:




The same side holds the name of the video card inside:




On the back side we can find some extra information regarding the board main features and technical specifications:





Inside the outer box, we can find another black box, with the Calibre logo in center:




Opening this reveals, oh, no...another box? No, it is just a cover with the Calibre name, offered as an extra protection for the components inside:




The card is carefully placed inside, surrounded and kept fixed by cardboard boxes:




As a bundle, we can find a Quick Installation Guide, a disk with drivers and applications, a Calibre VIP card, some power cable adapters, a DVI to VGA adapter and a HDMI cable:




Inside the guide, we can find the necessary steps to perform the installation, in multiple languages:




The X580 is fully wrapped inside an anti-static bag:




The Calibre X580 comes with the high performance Accelero Xtreme from Arctic Cooling and very nice purple colored fans:




The center fan comes with the Calibre logo, the others having the AC logo:




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