OvisLink AirLive N.MINI 300Mbps Wireless-N Mini-AP review

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The AirLive N.MINI AP multifunctional device (Router, AP or Client) from OvisLink has very small dimensions and can be used in various situations like building a small hot-spot in an area that has only Ethernet available, or we can use it as a regular Wireless LAN adapter, connected to our computer via UTP.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The AirLive N.MINI Wireless AP from OvisLink comes in a really small cardboard box, with a transparent plastic window, to get a full view of the product before getting it outside the package:




The back side of the box contains some of the main features explained in pictures, and the product serial number:




Inside the box, besides the main product, we can find a Quick Installation guide, a WPS Notice paper and another small cardboard box with the rest of the bundle:




The WPS Notice gives us extra information in case we want to use this capability:




In the guide, we are shown some information on how to connect to the AP, depending on the mode it is in:




In the small blue box, we can find an UTP cable and the power adapter:




The tiny power adapter is the size of a phone charger and is rated on the output 5V, 1A:




On the top side of the N.MINI router, we can see the activity LEDs for Ethernet, WPS, WLAN, System and Power; on the same side there is the WPS button:




On the back side of the mini AP, we can find a small Reset button, the power adapter rating, the unique serial number, the product MAC and default PIN, along with the IP addresses to connect, depending the mode the product is in; on the same side we can find a switch, to navigate between the available modes: Router, Client and AP:




On the lateral, we can find the DC-IN 5V port, along with a RJ45 port:




The other product sides have ventilation holes, to prevent overheating:



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