Bitfenix Survivor Core Midi tower case review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2011-02-25

Caseking send us another mid-tower sized case to have a look at. Today's star is the Bitfenix Survivor Core case. At first glance it might look a bit dull and simplistic, but the Survivor Core case's looks can deceive. On the inside is where the real fun is at ! In the mood for something different ? Something more spacey looking ? Tired of square or rectangular angled cases ? This one is made for you then...

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Bitfenix has done an excellent job here on the Survivor Core case. to be honest I'm not a real fan of how the case looks.  But that's always a matter of taste ( take into account I'm an old fart ) There has been spend a lot of attention to detail and the cable management options are second to none. The black coating on the inside give that pro look. Then there is the big cutout behind the CPU socket, the numerous cutouts for routing all ya cables and connectors. The Core case really doesn't look that big, but it's a storage monster. Up to 7 3 1/2 HD's via the removable trays, plus one extra via the top tray.



If only the case was a few cms larger, then it would not be required to remove the removable HD bay. Second negative thought is the way to get access to the inside via the sidepanel. Having to unscrew 6 screws can be a pain ( this as the protections need to be unscrewed first ) if you like to swap hardware often. Also maybe 2 USB 3.0 ports in the next edition plz mister engineer ?


I was already surprised by the number of features I got with the Xigmatek Panthéon case. The Bitfenix Survivor Core retails at the same price of around 80 euros. It's bigger brother, the non core survivor version features a 2nd 200mm fan, 2 x USB3.0 ports and some enhanced features and retails just under 100 euros. If the above picture suits your taste, I can heartly recommend this case. the quality build is good, the features list amasing and it allows for a clean build.


Pros :

Affordable futuristic looking case +/-80 euros

Good quality build

Massive and quick removable storage options

Excellent cable management possible

200mm Top fan



Cons :

Sidepanels needs 6 screws to gain acess

No USB3.0

one extra 120mm fan in the bundle plz ?




Due to it's low retail price and it's cool features, it get's the same Value award as the Xigmatek case :



I wish to thank the following people who made this review possible :



Vahid from Caseking for the Panthéon case 


Rogier from Asus for the Asus ATI 6850/5870 card



Gareth from Corsair for the 4Gb Dominator rams and the Nforce60 SSD





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