RAZER Ferox Mobile Gaming & Music Speakers Review

Audio/Speakers&Amps by stefan @ 2011-02-27

The new Ferox portable speakers from Razer are ideal for both normal users that want to get a better sound out of their laptop or gamers that are mostly on the go. The sound that these speakers deliver is clear even at high volumes, but they lack a good bass reproduction. The internal rechargeable batteries allow them to be used for about 12 hours and they can be also used while recharging.

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A Closer Look Continued

The audio/power cable is custom made, so it would be very difficult, if not impossible to find another one from a different manufacturer, in case we lose/break it; however the cable is braided to increase its durability. On one of the sides we can find the audio jack and USB connector and on the other there are two small USB connectors, one for each speaker :



Each USB connector has its respective audio channel written on it:



The top of the speakers can be retracted inside the body and also acts as an On/Off button; here we can see again the Razer logo, more difficult to observe because it is also colored black:



Here is a lateral view of the speakers; when the resonance chamber extended (speakers on), they measure about 6cm in height and do not feature any fancy logos or insignias on the plastic body of the speakers:



The sound is delivered through the top and thanks to their design, they also succeed to deliver a 3D Surround effect:



To power off the speakers we must press on the top until it retracts completely and does a click sound; to power them on, we have to press again and the top will slowly raise by itself:



Each speaker has a rubberized bottom, to avoid slipping on the surface and on one of the speakers we can find out the product serial number, the code name and rating; here we can also find a white ring which is the zone that lights up in two different colors, depending on the charge status of the speakers:



In the back of each speaker, we can find the mini USB port; as a safety measure, the speakers turn on only if the cable is connected too:



When charging the bottom LEDs will blink slowly a nice blue light; if the charging is complete, the LEDs will stay fully lit. If the internal batteries get discharged, we will first get a warning from the bottom LEDs which will turn red:



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