RAZER Ferox Mobile Gaming & Music Speakers Review

Audio/Speakers&Amps by stefan @ 2011-02-27

The new Ferox portable speakers from Razer are ideal for both normal users that want to get a better sound out of their laptop or gamers that are mostly on the go. The sound that these speakers deliver is clear even at high volumes, but they lack a good bass reproduction. The internal rechargeable batteries allow them to be used for about 12 hours and they can be also used while recharging.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The portable Ferox speakers from Razer are shipped inside a small cardboard box, with the same color theme the company has used for years now; on the front we can see through the transparent plastic window how the product does really look like, along with the main feature list:



Even if the box is small, it has lots of information on the sides; for example, we get an explanation regarding the 360 degrees omnidirectional sound these speakers can deliver:



Also, we are informed on how the speakers are built, to deliver extra bass:



On the outside of the box we also get information regarding the main speaker components or hardware requirements:



The box is fully sealed for extra protection:



Inside we can find a carry pouch, the Quick Start Guide, a word from “Razer Guy”, some other product information, some nice stickers and the speakers themselves:



The nice Razer logo stickers can be put on our gaming laptop or desktop case for a nice effect:



On the same paper with the words from “Razer Guy”, we get information on how to register on the company website:



Inside the Quick Start Guide, we get guidance on how to connect the speakers to the audio source, how to charge them (before the first use, Razer instructs us to fully charge them for about 3 hours, and after that to start using them), or how to understand the LED lights behavior underside the speakers:



The carry pouch is very compact and it was designed to house the two small speakers, along with their audio/power cable:



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