Logitech F540 Wireless PS3/XBOX360 Headset Review

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Too late, too loud, too far away? From now on the Logitech F540 wireless headset is your partner in crime! With a battery life of up to 10 hours the F540 guarantees a delivery of high quality sound to your ears throughout the longest and darkest of nights.

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Too late, too loud, too far away ? The Logitech F540 headset is your partner in crime!



The Logitech F540 comes with a 2.4GHz wireless transmitter, power cable, charging cable, Xbox chat cable, PS3 chat cable and RCA connectors with a pass through. The initial setup will set you back 15 minutes or so, but after that it's power on and play!


Headset, Receiver and power cable on the left, pass-through audio cable on the right



One of the great features is how the receiver allows you to be connected to up to 3 sources at a time. This makes switching between devices super fast and super easy.



At the front of the receiver it shows you what source is active and there's an USB port for charging the headset.
At the back you have the pass-through mini-USB connector for PS3, 2 RCA connections for PS3/XBOX360 and an AUX IN to connect any other audio source to the receiver.



Now, as soon as you put this baby on your head, you'll notice that the outside world fades away. The ear cups that cancel out a lot of any surrounding noise, were designed to fit over your ears rather than pressing down on them, this makes them a true bliss of comfort, especially when worn over an extended period of time. The F540 produces a real good detailed sound, crisp, clear, enough bass to please 95% of the general public and does this within a range of about 10 metres.



The headset can be adjusted to fit your needs as you can see in the photo in the middle, on the right is a close-up of the soft cushion at the top.



In regards to the microphone, other players said it had gotten my voice across loud and clear, no indication of issues with sound. The microphone is bendable and has 2 mute functions that 'beeps' when activated. You can activate the mute function by either tilting the microphone in upright position or pressing down on an easy to reach button on the left ear cup (next to the game and chat volume), something you'll appreciate when in line of fire!



The game audio and voice audio volume can be adjusted independently.
The microphone has a build in noise-cancelling feature which really increases the voice quality tenfold!



With a battery life of up to 10 hours the F540 guarantees a delivery of high quality sound to your ears throughout the longest and darkest of nights. In the unlikely event that you should run out of juice at some point, the F540 allows you to simply recharge it through the use of an usb cable while you carry on with your killing spree. The only drawback in regards to the battery is that it emits warmth that can be felt through the ear cup when being charged or used for an extended period of time.


You get a long(-ish) USB charging cable with the unit, so you can game-on while the headset is charged.
If you're more than 2 meter away from an USB charging plug however you'll find the cable too short.



Overall the F540 is a well built quality product that does come with a €120-140 price tag, but surely is worth every penny. If you are one of those people who benefits from using a wireless headset on a daily basis, the Logitech F540 sure is worth your consideration.


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We like to thank Logitech for giving us the opportunity to test their latest products.

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