Logitech F540 Wireless PS3/XBOX360 Headset Review

Audio/Others by jmke @ 2011-02-28

Too late, too loud, too far away? From now on the Logitech F540 wireless headset is your partner in crime! With a battery life of up to 10 hours the F540 guarantees a delivery of high quality sound to your ears throughout the longest and darkest of nights.

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15 Minutes Setup (MAX!)

Logitech had quite a challenge to make sure one product would work on PS3 and XBOX360, wireless. Sure there are plenty of wireless "XBOX 360 only" headsets out there, as there are USB wired headset which can be used plug&play with the PS3. To be able to wireless connect to PS3 and XBOX360 Logitech opted to use a receiver of their own, thereby ignoring the blue-tooth connectivity of the consoles. While this does make for more cable mess it was the only solution if they were to make a product with maximum compatibility.


We tested the Logitech F540 on a PS3 as well as on PC, setup for both was less than 15 minutes once you discovered the FAQ section of their product website. The included manual is not very in-depth and they even refer to the website to get the latest installation information. For future reference we have outlined the connection steps for each platform below, so you can gauge for yourself how much time it would take you.


Connecting to PC

Despite being marketed as a PS3/XBOX360 headset, the F540 works quite well with your PC too. You can connect your sound card's LINE OUT to the receiver's LINE IN and enjoy wireless audio playback. With this configuration the microphone won't work. To make the microphone work you can go for the second connection option, use the provided mini-USB cable to connect your PC to the receiver, now both audio playback and microphone will work, but you can no longer connect a PS3 for voice. All-in-all for a product not actively marketed as being a PC Wireless Headset, the F540 easily makes for a high-end alternative to other PC-only headsets.


Connecting to PS3

We connected the receiver to our PS3, you can either use the included RCA pass-through cable, or go a different route, if you're using HDMI on your PS3. Find your PS3's standard AV cable and use that to connect to the receiver, than in your PS3's audio output menu enable Audio Multi-Out. (This restricts audio-out over HDMI to 5.1 vs 7.1).


The connection option we used, PS3 AV cable straight to the receiver,
using HDMI for image & audio to the TV/Surround Set, best of both worlds (as long as you're happy with "only" 5.1).


Two other connection options using the RCA pass-through cable with your PS3.


Connecting to XBOX 360

You have two connection possibilities here, both use the RCA pass-through cable, either you take audio straight from the XBOX360's AV adapter, or if you're using HDMI, use the audio-out RCA from your TV to connect to the receiver. Logitech includes a separate audio cable to connect your headset and use the microphone in-game.



Connecting to Wii

Connecting to the Wii is possible, if you're already using the PS3/XBOX360 connections on the receiver you'll have to find a female RCA to male 3.5mm audio adapter and use the RCA pass-through cable. If you're not using one of the XBOX360/PS3 connections, things become easier as illustrated in the image below on the right.


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