ECS H67H2-M Black Motherboard Review

Motherboards/Intel S1155 by stefan @ 2011-02-23

The H67H2-M Black motherboard from ECS is the most equipped from their H67 chipset series and incorporates technologies like USB 3.0, EZ Charger and Dual Gigabit LAN with teaming support. The board supports only Intel HD Graphics overclocking, the CPU overclocking by multiplier is locked and the memory frequency is limited at 1333MHz.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The H67H2-M Black motherboard from ECS is shipped inside a small size cardboard box, with a lot of logos and other drawings all over; on the front we can see several pictograms representing the main product features, along with some included applications:




On one of the sides, we can see a small white sticker with the product serial numbers and onboard components:




On the bottom side, we can find some more information regarding the motherboard and its components, in multiple languages:




The interior of the box is split in two layers: the top layer holds the documentation, accessories and on the bottom one we can find the board itself:




Besides the User's Guide, we can also find in the box a general assembly manual that shows us how to set up a computer in small steps, two SATA cables and one eSATA bracket, along with the I/O shield (the retail package should also contain a CD with drivers and applications):




The motherboard does also come with plastic protective covers, that can be installed on the unused connectors, to avoid dust accumulation inside them and inside the case:




The product is wrapped inside an anti-static bag:




Even if this motherboard has a small form factor, ECS did not omit to introduce some of the features like USB 3.0 or a solid and cool looking cooling system; the board comes only with a PCI-Express x16 2.0 slot, two PCI-Express x1 slots and one PCI:




On the left side of the PCB, we can find two Realtek Gigabit LAN controllers (one which can be found under the VRM heatsink):





The EtronTech USB 3.0 controller is also found on the left side of the board:




This motherboard comes with an 8-channel audio solution, powered by the Realtek ALC892 CODEC:




The ITE IT8893 PCI Bridge, supports the bottom PCI expansion slot; the inclusion of this slot is very welcome because there are many of us with good sound cards or other devices that are using the old PCI interface:




Near the status-code LCD display, we can find the ITE SuperIO Sensor:




On the bottom, we can find lots of other headers/connectors or buttons (from left to right):


-Front Panel audio header

-SPDIF-out header

-System Fan connector

-Clear CMOS jumper

-Trusted Platform Module header

-ME unlock header

-Case Open header

-Front Panel USB headers (F_USB1 Gray one is for EZ Charger)

-Power and Reset buttons

-Front Panel Switch/LED header



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