iHome iP90 Dual Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone/iPod with AM/FM Reception Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2011-02-16

The iP90 from iHome comes with an easy adjustable dock to fit our Ipod or Iphone, features dual alarms, EQ, a 3D sound setting, top buttons for different adjustments with backlight and more; the bass is more powerful than the iP49, but it is not as compact as the former.

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A Closer Look Part II

The battery that we can find inside is the well-known CR2032 type, found on PC motherboards, PS3s or other devices:




Here is how the power adapter does look with the plug attached:




The adapter is rated on the output 7.5V, 2000mA:




If we want to use the AM reception feature, we have to connect the antenna that comes with the product; the antenna also comes with a plastic dock:




Here is how the AM antenna does look when mounted in the plastic dock:




The iP90 features a large LCD display in front which is on even when the power adapter is disconnected from the unit (thanks to the preinstalled backup batteries); on the left and right of the LCD display there is a small speaker:




The top of the unit has lots of buttons:


-Volume + and – Button

-Alarm 1 Button

-Alarm 2 Button

-Radio Preset Button 1-6

-Alarm Reset/Power Button

-Radio/Line-in Button

-EQ Button

-Sleep Button

-Play/Pause Button

-Set+Button, skip/search FWD

-Set-Button, skip/search REV

-Snooze/Dimmer Button




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