iHome iP90 Dual Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone/iPod with AM/FM Reception Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2011-02-16

The iP90 from iHome comes with an easy adjustable dock to fit our Ipod or Iphone, features dual alarms, EQ, a 3D sound setting, top buttons for different adjustments with backlight and more; the bass is more powerful than the iP49, but it is not as compact as the former.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The Dual Alarm Clock Radio with AM/FM reception from iHome is shipped in a medium sized cardboard box and on its frontal side we can see a photo of the product in operation and a preset alarm, along with the remote; the iPhone/iPod compatibility logos are also present in the top right corner:




On one of the sides, we can see some of the product features listed, and the manufacturer also informs us that the product comes with a remote controller and backup batteries:




On the back, we get to see listed some of the important product functions, in multiple languages:




The product and some of its bundle come packed inside a special cardboard container; the remote along with its documentation are to be found separately, inside a transparent plastic bag:




Along with the previously mentioned remote, we can find some troubleshooting information in case our iPhone/iPod does not work with the device, the plugs for the power adapter (which is located in another small white cardboard box), the AM antenna with dock and the User Manual in different languages:




Inside the User Manual, we are shown how to properly install and operate the product:




The remote control comes with a manual of its own, where it is explained which is the function of each button and how to install or replace the internal battery:





The remote is the same to the one that came bundled with the iP49:




To avoid accidental battery discharges, the manufacturer has placed between the battery and internal contacts a plastic piece, which must be removed before the first use:



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