Coolermaster USNA 95 laptop/mp3 charger tested in PSU test-lab

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by geoffrey @ 2011-03-07

Laptops are now more then ever being used for everyday tasks and even some gaming, it does not take a fool to understand that this growing market also brings along a higher desire for aftermarket battery chargers/laptop power adapters. Today we're having a look at Coolermasters latest offering, the USNA 95, and have it tested inside the PSU test-labs in Venlo

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Some pictures & Compatibility





The unit is compact in both width & length as it is in height, you can compare it to a pack of cigarettes but with less height and being just a little longer.





A 2-in-1 solution: one the right you have the laptop charger interface where you put in the DC power cord. The other end of the DC power cord has changable tips. One the left you can spot the build-in USB charge port.





In Use

in use


Here you can see the USNA 95 in action charging my iPod. As soon as you plug-in the AC power cord a green LED will confirm that power is ready to be used. The color of this LED fades to red as soon as you plug something in at the USB side.





Inside the box you'll find 9 different tips which should cover most convenient laptop charger connections. You can check compatibility at the Coolermaster website. Using their tool for the Acer Aspire 5630 that I have around, I got the following outcome:




So now that we know how to hook up our hardware, let's put it to a test ->

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