Xigmatek Panthéon case review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2011-02-14

I hardly review any cases, as most cases are sort of look alikes. With most mid tower sized cases biggest draw back is the lacking space for bigger cards or failure to mount any decent watercooling gear. For the purist almost no cable management is possible  or lacking other features thereof. Though when the guys from Caseking gave me the opportunity to review Xigmateks latest creation, the Panthéon. I was immediately intrigued by it's design and features. Completely coated in matt black ( also on the inside for that nice extra pro looking touch : )  Without wasting too many words let's explore the Panthéon :

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Test setup and installation

Here's a a quick rundown on all the hardware that I'm using for the case reviews :

Asus Crosshair IV Formula

AMD 1090T Thuban CPU@4000mhz

Corsair 4Gb Dominator PC1600C8 rams

Asus ATI 5870 2Gb Videocard

1 Corsair Sandfore F60 SSD

1 Western Digital 1Tb S-ATA HDD

1 NEC 16X DVD S-ATA Writer

Thermalright VenomousX CPU cooler with one 120mm fan

BeQuiet 700Watt PSU (non modular)



The large cutout allows easy access to the rear of the CPU socket. No more requirment to remove the motherboard when mounting a new cooler. On the irght side a close up on one of the PSU rubber grommets, this to eliminate any vibration. A very classy detail Xigmatek engineers.




Due to the spacious case size, the wide space between the motherboard tray and the sidepanel combined with the 4 cutouts makes the cable management job, very user friendly. We especially used a non modular PSU to see how effective the case can be to hide all them cables. Too bad we couldn't route the 8 pin connector behind the tray. The BeQuiet PSU 8 pin cable needed to be half an inch longer to achieve that.


All the above mentioned hardware, neatly mounted inside the Panthéon :




A quick glance at another possible setup in this case. Using this time a CoolIT Vantage for cooling purposes. You can spot the rear 140mm fan now to suck out any hot trapped air via the top.


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