iHome iP49 Studio Series Portable Rechargeable Audio System with Clock Radio for iPhone & iPod Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2011-01-17

The iP49 Rechargeable Audio System with Clock Radio from iHome is a multifunctional device with a fold-up design, which makes it really easy to carry on our trips, making possible to listen our favorite tunes from the Iphone/Ipod, but also from the FM Radio or even an auxiliary audio source.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The iP49 portable rechargeable speaker system from iHome is shipped inside a nice white-themed box, with a photo of the product in center and the logos of the supported devices; on the left side we can also find the iHome logo, along with the Bongiovi DPS Acoustics feature, that enhances the overall sound quality of the device:




On one of the box sides, we can see the compatible devices listed:




The same side contains information regarding the package contents, in multiple languages:




On one of the other sides, we can see some photos that show us how the device gets opened:




On the bottom side of the box, we can see a short product description, along with the main features listed in 5 different languages:




After getting rid of the outside box, we can find another cardboard enclosure, with the iHome logo on top:




If we lift the upper part of the box, we can find that its contents are split into multiple compartments:




On the top side we can find 3 iPhone/iPod inserts that have the same color, a small plastic bag with documentation and the remote control, and another little cardboard box with the power adapter:




The 3 included iPhone/iPod inserts are sealed with a transparent plastic film, to avoid getting scratched during transport:




Each insert has on its back the name of the device its compatible with:





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