iHome iP49 Studio Series Portable Rechargeable Audio System with Clock Radio for iPhone & iPod Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2011-01-17

The iP49 Rechargeable Audio System with Clock Radio from iHome is a multifunctional device with a fold-up design, which makes it really easy to carry on our trips, making possible to listen our favorite tunes from the Iphone/Ipod, but also from the FM Radio or even an auxiliary audio source.

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A Closer Look Part II

The rest of the bundle is composed from the manual, some warnings on how to insert the device (to avoid damages to both iPod/iPhone or the mounting system, the remote control manual and the remote itself in a separate bag, along with a small radio antenna:




In the manual, we are shown how to set up the product for quick use, but we are also explained step by step how to use the advanced features:




The antenna connects in the back of the iP49 with a jack plug:






The remote has a separate manual, where it is explained what function has each button, but we are also instructed on how to replace the battery:






On the back of the remote there is a little battery compartment, with a plastic that must be removed before the first use. This little plastic prevents the battery to make direct contact with the circuit inside the remote, to avoid accidental discharges during transport or storage:




After the removal of the top plastic cap, we can reveal the battery, which is rated 3V, with the model number CR2032:




The power supply that comes with the iP49 has 3 different adapters, depending on which region we live in:




Also, the power supply is rated 12V, 3000mA:



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