E3 microSD/SDHC Card Reader (Also Usable For PS3 Jailbreaking) Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2010-12-17

The E3 Card Reader is a multi-function device, with 4MB Flash onboard, that can be used for reading/writing to microSDHC cards, but also has the posibility to enable the PS3 load homebrew software and backups.

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Introduction, Features


At first I would like to thank E3card-china.com for offering me a sample of their e3 Card Reader for review.

Product description:

E3card Reader is a personal mass-storage security assistant. It works as a multi-function SD card reader for users. It’s your own file security expert. In basic mode, a normal SD card once accessed by the E3card reader will not recognize by normal PCs or other normal card readers. For meeting various requirements coming from different kinds of customers, lots of encryption algorithm will be released and all of them are easy to download from our official website. In general, from preschooler to senior, if you have digital security requirement, the E3 would be the best choice.

Our products are easy to upgrade. Even for children (DO NOT let children under 6-years-older use this product, as they could accidentally eat the card reader and/or the SD cards) they just need to copy a file into a removable driver which named E3Upgrader by a simply Drag-and-Drop access, and then everything is done.

Drag-and-Drop is a well accepted standard used by most of the desktop-based operation-system such as Windows, Mac OS (coming from Apple) and lots of Linux system. No dedicated application need to download, No complex access need to learn, and No differences among different environments, to accomplish these objects, using the Drag-and-Drop upgrading mode seems to be the only way for us to make a very friendly tools for our precious customers.

Armed with an internal 4M memory stick, the ability to read/write various type of SD cards, E3 team have been trying to supply more and more functions but not only the personal file security services. We have licensing some impressive teams to get lots of good works available for our customer. And we welcome teams all around world to join us to create an exciting product. About the third-party application, please refer to our official website www.e3-card.com

E3 makes Everything Easy and Efficient.


32bit processor with 128K flash, has strong processing rate and high expand space.

MicroSD SDHC supported and can load software and game from it.

Multi-System supported and includes WinXP/Vista/Win7/Mac OS/Linux. This means you can upgrade and use E3 Card Reader in most OS.

4MB FLASH on-board, so you can save any PS3 software very conveniently. For example, you can copy any homebrew application.

Super-Drag-Plug upgrade mode. Just copy BIN file and paste into E3 Card, finishes upgrading in 1 second. No need for any extra upgrader.

Dual firmware booting mode. The latest Hermes v4b and KaKaRoTo firmware is integrated into one code and you can use any of them by yourself. No need to re-flash code.

Supports any free PSGroove files like Hermes & KaKaRoTo.

E3 Card Reader has CE, FCC and RoHS certification. It is a safer and environmental product and comes with 2 year warranty.


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