E3 microSD/SDHC Card Reader (Also Usable For PS3 Jailbreaking) Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2010-12-17

The E3 Card Reader is a multi-function device, with 4MB Flash onboard, that can be used for reading/writing to microSDHC cards, but also has the posibility to enable the PS3 load homebrew software and backups.

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A Closer Look

The E3 card reader looks like an USB Flash drive and has a white body and a grey plastic cap (it imitates a little the shape of an Ipod Shuffle); on the frontal part we can see the name of the product listed and its main function:


On its back, we can see the list of compatible operating systems:


If we remove the protective cap, we can reveal the USB connector:


On the bottom of the device, we can find the place to insert the microSD/SDHC card; also, we can see on the left and on the right SMD LEDs that light up depending in which state the device is in:



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