Thermaltake TTeSports Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2010-11-26

The TTeSports Challenger Pro is a decent gaming keyboard, aimed mostly at professional gamers who frequent LANs, it has key backlighting which can be controlled by the touch of a button and also sports an unique feature: a little fan that is meant to cool your hands during intense gaming sessions!

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A Closer Look Part II

The USB cable is braided, for better durability:



In the smaller pouch, we can find some red key replacements, two blank keys which we can install in any location (it is preferred to use this feature during LAN parties, so we won't press some keys and get out of the game by mistake), last but not least we also find a key remover:



In the envelope with the Tt eSports logo on top we can find a warranty card, the CD with drivers and the multi-language manual:



In the little manual, we can find instructions on how to install the software drivers, but also how to operate the software GUI:



In addition to the felt case, the keyboard is further protected inside a transparent plastic bag:



The case has an overall “sportive” look, with the status LEDs located in the top center and the wrist rest integrated in the rest of the keyboards' body. The “Tt” logo is located in the center of the wrist rest and is also lighted when the system is on:



On the keyboard laterals, we can find the 10 extra keys, to which we can assign different functions from the software interface:



On the left and right top sides, we can find places where we can plug-in the included fan; to avoid dust accumulation on the electrical contacts, the holes are covered with rubber caps:



On top of the numeric pad, we can find besides the multimedia keys, a key which allows us to set different intensities of the keyboard backlight (3 steps), but also a key to switch between the uploaded profiles:



Here is a closer look on the top status LEDs; near each icon on the left, a red LED will appear to signal the activation of the Num Lock, Caps Lock or Scroll Lock; to the right, we can see the LED which will light up in 4 different colors, depending on which profile is activated:


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