Thermaltake TTeSports Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2010-11-26

The TTeSports Challenger Pro is a decent gaming keyboard, aimed mostly at professional gamers who frequent LANs, it has key backlighting which can be controlled by the touch of a button and also sports an unique feature: a little fan that is meant to cool your hands during intense gaming sessions!

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The Challenger Pro keyboard is shipped inside a large-sized cardboard box, that has a graphical texture which wants to imitate a steel enclosure; on the front we can see a photo of the product in action, the Tt eSports logo, the name of the product and some of the main features represented by large icons:




On the bottom of the box, we can find out even more information about the product, written in multiple languages:




Without unsealing the box, the top can be further opened and we can find more information about the software GUI:




Also here we can find detailed information about the product features:




After opening the box for the first time, we can find the keyboard sitting on the top layer, located inside a felt case which aids transportation to LAN parties or other locations, but also keeps the dust away during this time:




The rest of the bundle can be found in two little pouches, along with an envelope with the documentation:




In the larger pouch, we can find the installable little fan, along with the USB cable:




Here are closer shots of the included fan; on its back, we can also find its rating: DC 5V, 0.12A, and model number FD053010ML-N:





The USB connectors are gold-plated:



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