Brando Rechargeable 720P HD Spy Pen with Camera Cover Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2010-11-17

The Rechargeable 720P HD Spy Pen is an interesting gadget from Brando and can be used for taking photos, recording videos at a decent webcam quality or recording sound; compared to the Spy Sport Watch reviewed in the past, this product has better overall recording quality.

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Photo and Video Samples

To take the best quality photos, the manufacturer instructs us to stand as still as possible and to take the photos in properly lighted environments; these are required when the camera does have a CMOS sensor.

In the bottom right corner of the photos/videos, we can see the date and the current time embedded; to set the correct date/time, we have to use a time.txt file, located on the installation CD.

Here are some photo examples I have taken during the day, but also during the night. In the first photo, we can see that even if the light conditions were enough, the camera could not focus properly on the AMD Ruby mascot:

The second and third photos were taken on the street and we can clearly see that the photos are much better quality than the Spy Sport Watch reviewed before:


During the night, we must keep the pen still to be able to take clear photos:

Otherwise, they will not be clear:

Also during, the night, if proper light conditions are met, the photo quality is decent enough:

In the first video, I have tried to show what is the video quality of the gadget when filming outside and how the objects in movement are shown:

In the second video, I have tried to show how the audio material is recorded, considering that with the previously reviewed Spy Sport Watch product, I could hear more of the watch mechanism clicking than the audio source I wanted to record:

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