Brando Rechargeable 720P HD Spy Pen with Camera Cover Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2010-11-17

The Rechargeable 720P HD Spy Pen is an interesting gadget from Brando and can be used for taking photos, recording videos at a decent webcam quality or recording sound; compared to the Spy Sport Watch reviewed in the past, this product has better overall recording quality.

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A Closer Look Continued

The Spy pen does have a very “usual” look and won't raise any suspicions with the camera lens protection on (in the photo we are presented the pen with the camera lens protection off):


On the top of the pen, we can find the button (clicker) which will be used to take photos, videos or record audio:


The lens is located on the top part of the product and to protect it we can slide the plastic cap on top of it (with the slider found on the clip):


If we want to write with the pen, we have to rotate the nib:

To access the USB interface, we have to unscrew the bottom part of the pen:

With the little black switch, we can navigate between the different states of the gadget:



From left to right: OFF - Video&Photo Mode - Audio Recording Mode

The product does not have internal storage, so we need to have a microSD or microSDHC card handy; the video recording performances depend on what transfer speeds the card supports. The card can be inserted on the opposite side of the device:

Here is how the pen does look with the card inserted:

On the side with the metallic USB contacts, we can see a status LED with two colors:

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