Mad Catz Cyborg V.5 Rumble Pad Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2010-11-14

The Cyborg V.5 Rumble Pad from Mad Catz is a product to consider if you’re looking for a controller which we can be used on both PC and our Xbox 360 console; it also brings an unique feature: the Cyborg module which allows you to swap the d-pad and thumbstick between Xbox 360 and PS3 mode.

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Introduction and Product Features


At first I would like to thank Mad Catz for offering me the opportunity to test their Cyborg V.5 Rumble Pad product.


About Mad Catz:

"Mad Catz is a leading global provider of innovative products for the interactive entertainment industry. Mad Catz develops and markets accessories for videogame systems and PCs under its Mad Catz (casual gaming), Saitek (simulation), Cyborg (pro gaming), Eclipse (home and office) and TRITTON (gaming audio) brands. Mad Catz also operates e-commerce and content websites for videogame and PC products under its GameShark brand, develops, manufactures and markets proprietary earphones under its AirDrives brand and publishes and distributes video/PC games. Mad Catz distributes its products through most of the leading retailers offering interactive entertainment products and has offices in North America, Europe and Asia."



There’s always been discussion among gamers about which position is best for the left analog stick on a gamepad. Some like it level with the right stick like Sony’s Playstation® controller; others prefer it offset to the top left corner of the pad like Microsoft’s Xbox® controller.

With the Cyborg V.5 Rumble Pad, you can have both. At the press of a button, you can remove the revolutionary Cyborg™ module (Pat. Pending) from the pad and turn it through 180º, instantly changing the configuration of the left stick and d-pad.

Now you have the flexibility to configure the pad for different games, depending on whether you prefer to use the analog stick or d-pad, or even cater for multiplayer sessions with friends who prefer different pad configurations.

  • New ‘Cyborg-module’ reversible d-pad and left analog stick
  • Compatible with Microsoft Xbox 360 console as well as Games For Windows games on PC.
  • High quality, varied rumble forces so the gamer feels closer to the action
  • Ergonomic controls for maximum comfort during extended gaming sessions, no matter how big or small your hands.
  • Advanced programming provided by ST software (PC only) gives you the freedom to program any part of the pad with any keyboard or mouse command in any game - even those that don’t support game controllers.
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Comment from jmke @ 2010/11/14
I would not use a gaming pad for racing games if I have a choice, either keyboard for arcade racers, or steering wheel for sims;

Mafia 2 for driving sequences may be ok, same goes for GTA4 most likely; as the PC controls for that game are a bit screwed up (same as with GTA San Andreas);

real strength imho of a console-like controller for PC is for sports game like Fifa, Basket Ball, Hockey etc, there you definitely will come out on top by using a controller vs keyboard.