Mad Catz Cyborg V.5 Rumble Pad Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2010-11-14

The Cyborg V.5 Rumble Pad from Mad Catz is a product to consider if you’re looking for a controller which we can be used on both PC and our Xbox 360 console; it also brings an unique feature: the Cyborg module which allows you to swap the d-pad and thumbstick between Xbox 360 and PS3 mode.

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A Closer Look

The Cyborg Rumble Pad is shipped inside a blister packaging, so we can see how the product does look like even before deciding to buy it; on the front we can see the manufacturer’s name, along with the product name and the description that it works perfectly on both Xbox 360 consoles and PC; in the center we can see the controller, along with the reversible unit:




On the back, we get more product descriptions and we can also see logos of the supported operating systems (Windows 7 does not show, but the device is fully compatible with it too):




After getting the contents out of the packaging, we can find the pad itself, the reversible unit and a little installation manual, in multiple languages:




Here is a close look on the instruction manual, which shows us how to work with the Cyborg unit that comes with the product:




The reversible unit contains an analog joystick on the left and an 8-way D-pad; between them we can find two cyborg heads that do have LEDs underneath them (in different colors); these will light up depending on how we installed the reversible unit:




On the back of the unit, we can see the header, which will make contact with the connectors inside the pad:




The pad itself looks very solid, has a rubberized surface so it feels very comfortable even after some hours of intense usage:




On the left side, we can see the free space where the reversible unit will sit; between the two connectors, we can see a black plastic pin, which will raise and push the unit in case we want to remove and switch its position:




Here is the pad with the unit installed; because of the unit that can be reversed, we can place the analog sticks one near the other, like on the PS3 controllers:




On the right side of the controller, we can see the traditional X/A/B/Y buttons, that can be also found on the original Xbox 360 pads:



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Comment from jmke @ 2010/11/14
I would not use a gaming pad for racing games if I have a choice, either keyboard for arcade racers, or steering wheel for sims;

Mafia 2 for driving sequences may be ok, same goes for GTA4 most likely; as the PC controls for that game are a bit screwed up (same as with GTA San Andreas);

real strength imho of a console-like controller for PC is for sports game like Fifa, Basket Ball, Hockey etc, there you definitely will come out on top by using a controller vs keyboard.