CoolIT Omni A.L.C. GPU Cooler Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by stefan @ 2010-11-02

The OMNI A.L.C. is an interesting no-maintenance GPU cooling solution from CoolIT; it features an interposer, which can be changed depending on the video card we are using, without the need to replace the whole product.

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A Closer Look

The OMNI A.L.C. is also a liquid cooling no-maintenance product from CoolIT like the Vantage. The received sample was shipped in a large cardboard box. The inside contents are covered with protective foam and on the top we can find the installation manual:




After we get out the first protection layer, we can see the main product located in the middle of the box, and farther from the box edges, to avoid damages to the radiator, tubing or the plate:




The radiator, pump and the universal liquid plate are linked together:




The universal liquid plate helps eliminate heat from the replaceable interposers, utilizes high density micro-channels and directional flow; it is fixed by the interposer with screws:





On the back, we can see the actual interposer, in this case for GTX 470 video cards; we can easily observe the places where thermal pads are already mounted, with different colors (red for the memory chips and blue for the VRM components):




In the center, we can find the copper plate that makes direct contact with the GPU; it has thermal compound pre-applied and it is covered with a transparent plastic cap, which has to be removed prior to installation:




One of the universal liquid plate sides holds the tubing meant to recirculate the CoolIT coolant, which has low toxicity and also has anti-corrosion/anti-fungal additives:




On one side of the radiator we can locate the pump, which is fixed on a plastic frame; the CoolIT logo can be also found in the middle:




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