Sitecom Wireless Network Dualband 300N Gaming Adapter II WL-329 GM

Others/Networking Gear by stefan @ 2010-10-14

The Wireless Network Dual Band 300N Gaming Adapter II from Sitecom is a product with decent performances and comes with a detailed software application that shows us details regarding the live wireless connection. Besides the normal configuration, we can also modify the WMM and WPS configurations.

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The Wireless Network Dualband 300N Gaming Adapter II from Sitecom comes in a little box to match the design of the previously reviewed Gaming Router II; on the frontal part we can see the Sitecom logo, a central photo of the product itself and the name written in blue, with a larger font and also embossed:




On one of the package sides, we are instructed on how to use the WPS system, but also we can see listed the full list of technical specifications:



On the opposite side, we are explained what the advantages are of using a wireless dual band adapter/router:



On the bottom of the box, we get a product description in 7 different languages, and Sitecom advises us that if we want to obtain optimal performances, we should also get their Gaming Router II:



The package is fully sealed on the side, to avoid unauthorized intrusions:



For extra protection, the product is further packed inside a plain black cardboard box:



When we first open up the package, we can find in the center the adapter, surrounded by extra cardboard:



Along with the adapter, we can also find another little box with the rest of the bundle:



The bundle is also packed inside a transparent plastic bag, and it is secured with a Sitecom seal:



Along with the CD with drivers, we can also find a Sitecom product catalog, an Installation Guide, a registration card to benefit from the free 10 years warranty and a “declaration of conformity”:


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