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B|oweFish 21st March 2004 12:23

Review: Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic


The game starts 4000 years before the first movie (The phantom menace). The Republic is falling apart and there is a certain person thatís going to take advantage of that. Darth Malak, a former Jedi hero, and his enormous fleet are starting to attack small planets of the outer rim of the galaxy, to establish his base on these little planets. But after a while he attackís the Republic as well. The only one who can stop him is Bastilla, a female Jedi. Therefore, the sith want to kill her.
And thatís what they are doing when you wake up, on board of the Endar Spire. The Sith are attacking your ship, because Bastilla is on board as well. So youíll have to find a way to the escape pods in time if you want to survive their attack and save Bastilla.

Anyway, the whole point of the game is to defeat Darth Malak and the Sith. In some way, Malak built an enormous fleet in just a matter of time. Itís a mystery to everybody how that he did that in such sort notice. And thatís exactly where you come in. Youíll have to investigate how he did this. Therefore youíll have to travel from planet to planet, talk to all different species (the amount of people living on these planets is enormous, so prepare for lots and lots of chitchatting) and solve as many quests on your way through.

The Force:

These side-quests are important. On your way true the galaxy people will ask you to do some favours fore them. This can go from locating a certain object for them or finding a run-away droid. These side-quests and the way you talk to strangers (friendly / aggressive) have an influence on the force. If youíre friendly and helpful you will retrieve Light side points. If you refuse to help someone in need you will retrieve Dark side points. Therefore, you will be able to play this game several times, each time letting your character evolve on that broad scale from Darkness to Light... You can be the noblest of all Jedi, truly just in every word and deed, or you can be a vile monger of war, looking to pick a fight at any time.
And you can be anything in between. The Force is obvious an important thing in the game (like in all Star Wars games I suppose). You can do several powers from healing all the members of your party or throwing your lightsaber to an enemy to persuade pawnbrokers to lower the price of there goods.

Party you say?:

Party indeed! When you land on a planet and you leave your intergalactic spaceship youíll have to choose who youíre going to take with you. At the end of the game there will be 9 other persons beside yourself you can pick from, but you can only take out 2 persons.
These choices will be important due the different skills these party members have. When you know youíll have to pick a lock or hack a computer, youíll best choose an utility droid. When you have to infiltrate in an enemy base, youíll best choose someone whoís good in going stealth.

The Gameplay:

The engine and gameplay run very smoothly when you get used to it. In the first half hour it probably will feel strange because there isnít an ability to strafe. You canít duck or jump either. Itís like playing a game on a console. And thatís because this game was released for Xbox in the first place. But the programmers did quite a good job rewriting the engine for PC.
Knight of the old republics is a RPG; this means that youíll be able to Ďupgradeí your party members to a next level. Youíll have to earn points the same way you earn points to go to the light or dark side to do this. To earn these points youíll have complete quests so youíll earn your experience points. The more points you retrieve, the better your person's skills develop.

The battle system is the same as in Dungeons and Dragons, in a one on one fight, youíre will be able to do one attack a time, then your enemy will be able to do his attack. This all goes very quickly, so youíll not notice this in the game. You wonít have to shoot or slash or aim either, you just have to click at the sort of attack your guy has to do and heíll do it.

Weapons and armour are upgradeable with the right parts; this can only be done at a workbench like the one in your spaceship. Almost everything is adjustable in this game so the chances of it getting boring are close to none. The diversity is endless. And even if you get bored to your boring yellow lightsaber you can pop in an other crystal to make it red, blue, green, ... .

Kotor also contains a number of mini-games like swoop racing (this is a race with your own swoop bike, if youíre good at this you'll be a famous man in the galaxy), some sort of fight tournament, a card game, and much more.


The graphics are awesome, canít say much more about them. Every environment has all the details it needs. Thatís another big pro in the game; there are lots and lots of different places you can be. From a city in an ancient forest which hangs in the trees 100feet above surface to a planet that is made primarily out of vast oceans, all these different places are candy for the eye.
There is also a sh*tload of in-game movies. Every time you leave a planet youíll see your ship taking off at the local dock. The same happens when you arrive at a planet. Besides these movies there are some during the game. Youíll be able to review these movies when you are in the main menu of the game.

Also the layout of the game is very good. The menus are very clear and all the different inventory and map menuís are very easy to use.


The music and sounds in the game are the best Iíve ever seen. The voice acting are so neat that you have to hear and see it with your own eyes. This is because there are like a hundred different alien languages in this game, one for every alien species.
During the game there will always be very relaxing music at the background, unless your under attack.


The storyline in Star Wars: Knight of the old republic is just awesome. Itís like playing a roll of a +50 hour during Star Wars movie. Youíll get an overdose of the Star Wars drug, and youíll probably get addicted to it.

This game contains so much different alien life forms, languages, planets, environment, missions,etc , that youíll not be bored for one second.

Random Screenshots:

And thanks to ForceFlow for letting me borrow his game :super:

jmke 21st March 2004 19:08

Good review Mr. B!

TeuS 21st March 2004 19:12

good review. do you need to know a lot about RPG's and the star wars story to enjoy the game?

B|oweFish 21st March 2004 19:13

U'll probably get used to it after the first level.. (= 30min). The first time i played it i had this wtf? feeling.. but everything went just fine when you're used to it ;)

The Senile Doctor 24th December 2004 11:10

soon kotor 2 !!!

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