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jmke 13th December 2007 15:11

Spreading it Thin TIM Roundup 2007
Arctic Silver dominated the TIM (Thermal Transfer Material) industry for many years. They may have invested more in R&D then all their competition combined. Many ask is there anything else out there? Today we hope to answer this question...

Rutar 13th December 2007 16:15

that TX-2 seems to be good stuff, but I think you made an error in the ranking of AS5 and MX2 because AS5 definatly looses for long term stability and electrical safety

Have you tested the difference between the line and the blob method?

zerotol 14th December 2007 11:22

is it difference between applying tim with a blob that BIG ?? :redface:

how many times did u guys test that , thats a huge difference in temps :huh:

jmke 14th December 2007 11:54

been using blob method for all my CPU HSF reviews last 2 years and it allows for more consistent results compared to spreading it out over the IHS

Rutar 14th December 2007 21:22

But there is the method of using a line on intel CPUs or a blob, both without spreading and it has to be solved by scientific testing.

thorgal 15th December 2007 17:35

Great little write-up Keith, I learned quite a bit :)

You've certainly got some attention from other sites as well, even an xtremesystems forum thread about this article ;)

Arctucas 15th December 2007 22:52

I see a lot of these TIM reviews, but never see my favorite; Shin-Etsu X23.

Rutar 16th December 2007 09:27


Originally Posted by Arctucas (Post 161335)
I see a lot of these TIM reviews, but never see my favorite; Shin-Etsu X23.

MX-2 is said to be the same

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