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jmke 23rd December 2003 19:01

OCZ EL DDR PC-3700 / 466mhz / Gold Edition / Dual Channel / Revision 2
Just received this today, together with Happy Holidays greetings from Ryan of OCZ! :ws:


OCZ Gold Edition PC-3700 Revision 2 Dual Channel DDR memory using HyperSpeed® technology is capable of achieving outrageous speeds of up to 466 MHz at CL 2.5-3-3-7*. OCZ Gold Edition memory has been optimized for use with the Intel i865/i875 chipsets in dual channel configurations. If you are an enthusiast looking for the absolute best in high performance memory, look no further than OCZ PC-3700 Gold Revision 2 DDR
We'll be putting this memory through it paces the coming days & week!

The Senile Doctor 24th December 2003 09:25

can it do 2 2-5-2 at 233? :)
then I need and want it

Gamer 25th December 2003 20:57

I bet not, because these are aimed for high fsb, not timings.

The Senile Doctor 26th December 2003 11:00

it's 466 memory... not so high nowadays...

jmke 26th December 2003 11:15

DDR500 is still very high, PC3700 is not that far off. This stick has improved memory timings over previous version

CL2.5 3-3-7 vs CL3 4-4-8

The Senile Doctor 26th December 2003 11:29

next bump, we'll maybe have cas 2 2-2-6

jmke 26th December 2003 11:41

I don't think we will see this happen, older memory chips appear to have better performance then the new ones when it comes to low timings

BH-5 vs BH-6 or even CH-5.
BH-5 is the oldest in that set and it yields the best results.

but you are right about the timings, without tight timings they can ramp up the memory speeds all they want.. any older PC3200LL which can cope with 233+Mhz at CL2 2-2-5 will blow past anything.. you'd had to reach speeds of 280+Mhz with lower latency ram to even come close.. but I seriously doubt you can reach that with any ol' 2.6/2.8 P4 without resorting to LN2/Phase-change cooling.

Gamer 26th December 2003 17:56

but they are getting there.

if you see what my OCZ can do @ high speeds, this wasn't possible 2 months ago without +3.5v.

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