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jmke 17th March 2007 14:41

OCZ Actuator lets you control video games with your brain
OCZ's latest brainchild is the Actuator, a device which tracks movement of your eyes, monitors brain waves and picks up facial muscle movements, it uses these recorded signals to link them to input commands on the computer, allowing you to play Tetris or even a first person shooter like UT2004. We visited the OCZ booth at Cebit where they had a live demo, (view)read our (video)report on this impressive technology which will change the way you interact with your PC!

Xploited Titan 17th March 2007 20:42

Very nice!

But as I'm subject to semi-chronic migraines from my (semi-chronic) sinusitis, doubt it will work much with me ^^

piotke 17th March 2007 20:55

It's reading your minds. It's reading your actions. Eye movement triggers a wave in your brains that's captured.

Think (lol) more in that direction.

But indeed, amazing impressive.

jmke 17th March 2007 21:42

not quite piotke; it doesn't actually read your mind at all; it detects alpha and beta brainwaves; your mind will emit alpha waves when you are relaxed, it will emit beta waves when you start more actively thinking (like in a conversation); so you can control not a whole lot with that.

what can be recorded more precisely though is through eye movement and facial muscles, which in turn is being measured by the current going from your brain to the muscles telling them to contract;

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