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jmke 3rd November 2004 22:22

Low latency PC3200 memory roundup on Intel
We test a new batch of PC3200 and PC4400 rated memory from known and lesser known manufacteres on our Intel P4 test setup. With the introduction of Samsung´s TCCD revision F memory chips we might get performance only seen in the days of Winbond BH-5!

Da_BoKa 3rd November 2004 22:50

the link from the article to the forum is not correct yet ;), tough it's again a nice comparison

jmke 3rd November 2004 22:53

I wished my Intel setup could reach higher FSB speeds; but in order to do that I'd need to shell out $100+ for another motherboard, without the certainty that it will go higher.

the forum link has been fixed; thanks for spotting the error!

Sidney 4th November 2004 00:28

One of this day, I will be convinced to wide open my wallet for hand picked memory. You are very convincing. But, today is not the day yet.:)

jmke 4th November 2004 06:07

then again, you waited 2 years before buying a new videocard, and it was a 9600XT :)

Sidney 4th November 2004 13:31

Plus the FX5900XT:)

agent #2 4th November 2004 18:56

Nice review. Glad I bought the right sticks.

easypanic 4th November 2004 19:00

I'll stick with my Bh-5 for the moment :).

calimero 4th November 2004 20:17

@Jmke, haven' t you an asus P4c800? I have the same board and it' s just the drooping that s bad... mine stopped at 255 FSB:(

jmke 4th November 2004 20:38

It\'s the Deluxe and -E versions which reach higher FSB speeds...

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