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jmke 8th November 2004 23:57

G.Skill PC3200-PC4400 Memory tested on A64 S939
The results and benchmarks speak volumes for the potential performance to be had with high HTT and memory speeds on a Socket 939 Athlon64 setup. I have no hesitation in recommending this memory to those users seeking the utmost in performance potential from their high end computing hardware!

Sidney 9th November 2004 03:39

JNav89GT, very good article.

You must have spent hourS if not days to have gone thru in such detail .....

Glad to read your findings relative to increase voltage doesn't mean gurantee increase to speed ..... point of diminishing return.

Let's hope this Samsung chip is not the result of a by-product of an unintended mishaps.

Bottom line, nice work.;)

Onepagebook 9th November 2004 03:48

Nice and fair enough!

Sidney 9th November 2004 03:52


Nee How Ma! :)
Welcome to [M].


Hmm for G.SKILL PC4400(DDR5500) 2.5-4-4-4-8, PC3200 2-2-2-5 512M Kit (F1-3200DSU2-512LC) it is only $130 dollars. So how come we europeans would have had to pay $265 in that deal, when Americans only pay $130! Sorry not an arguement, just curious???

Interesting! Second thought, it ain't bad for me.;)

JNav89GT 9th November 2004 06:14

ty lazyman and onepagebook :)

jmke 9th November 2004 09:20


Originally posted by lazyman

Interesting! Second thought, it ain't bad for me.;)

uhm.. 2x256mb vs 2x512mb.. :p

kristos 9th November 2004 22:53

pfff, the day after tommorrow (= 11/11/11 ;)), I have some reading to do.

I'm way behind on the articles in webnews :(

Freaky 12th November 2004 09:43

nice article! :super:

just a small glitch in the memtest explanation
isn't memtest an Linux-based app(instead of DOS)?

website quote:

The initial versions of the source files bootsect.S, setup.S, head.S and build.c are from the Linux 1.2.1 kernel and have been heavily modified.
also, the URL should be

; )

Freaky 12th November 2004 09:54

nvm the URL thing, must be having some add/spyware
when I click the link I got a search page :s

(can't I edit my post here?)

jmke 12th November 2004 11:21 and are do different applications :)

the .org was started after the was halted; seems they restarted development on that one also:)

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