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jmke 7th June 2005 22:02

Danger Den NV-68 GPU Water Block Review
Danger Den continues to be an innovator in water cooling. Their NV-68 Rev. 1.1 GPU/memory water block is a massive H20 copper cooler designed specifically to tame the nVidia 6800 line of graphic cards. Incorporating both GPU and memory cooling this is bound to be an Overclocker´s dream. Madshrimps bolts this baby to a BFG 6800GT PCI-ex OC (370MHz core speed) and tests the NV-68 in linear as fed from a PolarFLO TT CPU-water block. In this respect we will also measure performance difference (if any) from single, then twin outlets (ports). You might need your thermal-undies and a dictionary for this one; so bundle up, hang on, read on.

Faiakes 8th June 2005 12:49

What other GPU blocks are there?

Could we see a comparative test?

Is the best (performance wise) GPU block out there?

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