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Massman 18th January 2009 11:57

Asus Rampage II Extreme X58 Overclocking Test
Currently working on an X58 motherboard round-up and yesterday I had the time to test the overclockability of the rampage 2 extreme.

I didn't go for the excessive voltage results as I'm still on stock air cooling (awaiting mounting bracket from Noctua).


221MHz is no problem, even on stock voltages. Haven't been able to surpass the 222MHz barrier, which seems to be a chipset/motherboard related problem. Officially, manufacturers tell users that going beyond 222MHz bclk is a nogo, as the chipset is somehow limited to that frequency. Recently, more and more motherboards pop up, though, that give you the chance to break the limit and hit 230-235MHz!


Of course, overclocking the memory is limited to the memory chips, as the maximum frequency varies from kit to kit. However, certain motherboards can make your memory overclock just a tad higher.

Stock voltages:

668MHz CL7

651MHz CL9

Ironically, CL9 clocks much worse

Elevated voltages (1.45/1.85v):

850MHz CL7

1001MHz CL9

Note: when I did the same tests on the Intel DX58SO motherboard, I only achieved:

980MHz CL9

Althought the benchmarks (and thus request for stability) is different, I can tell you that even with 1.95v, I could not run 1M above 1GHz CL9.

Kudos for the R2E, in other words


Using stock voltages (1.15v/1.8v pll) I found no difference between HT-on and HT-off overclocking:

Using a slightly higher voltage (1.2v/1.89v pll), there was a difference of 75Mhz between enabling and disabling HT.

To be honest, I'm quite impressed by this cpu: I'm closing in on 4GHz on stock air cooling using only 1.224v. TO BE CONTINUED


Fastest 4M run using stock voltages:

Fastest 4M run using elevated voltages:

Fastest 1M using elevated voltages:

995MHz 3Dmark06 stable:

When the Noctua mounting bracket arrives, I'll continue with more extensive testing.

thorgal 18th January 2009 19:52

Let me add mine with Gigabyte EX-58 Extreme : straight boot to the desktop :

1 Bclk higher = no boot...

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