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jmke 16th December 2004 15:58

1A-Cooling SET-5Z280V1 Water Cooling Kit Review
Aah, I remember it well. It was a cloudy Belgian Sunday, with nothing more to do then watching the good ´old electric tube and smoking the pipe. Little did I know there we´re forces in play who wanted me to do some reviewing. Seems like the OC gods were restless, so the best thing to do was to sacrifice them a review. Since my editor dropped off the A1 water cooling kit the other day, I could really please the gods this time. Maybe they would use their divine powers to give me that Mustang I always ask for Christmas!

Sidney 16th December 2004 16:56

Any US distributors yet?

kr15t0f 16th December 2004 20:57

performed better then I expected :o

easypanic 16th December 2004 22:28

Nice, but I think I would go for an Asetek set ;).

[Bonbon] 4th January 2005 17:26

available in BE ?

jmke 5th January 2005 11:42

I've communicated to A1-Cooling a list of Belgian shops and resellers; I think they are working out a deal with one of them, have no details yet, sorry:/

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