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Dirty Harry 2nd November 2002 00:22

Thank You [M]adshrimps
Woke up this morning after a hard night out. Put my pc on (was in a second awake - V7 u know), sjecked out hotmail and saw New Message at Madshrimps.
Oh my god, could it be, clicked on the link, and saw that I've won?!!!

I want to thank [M] - crew who made this possible, and if i see you guys at m2, I own you guys a beer

When the swiftec is installed I'll make a little revieuw and post it here. Just for making jealous guys pissed :D

Mucho Grašias ;)

The Senile Doctor 2nd November 2002 08:20

enjoy it.

don't crush any cores, it's friggin heavy

jmke 2nd November 2002 13:27

Hope you'll enjoy it!
watch your postal box closely :) (or something like that)

Dirty Harry 16th November 2002 13:01

Here a little review/report.
I recieved the hs yesterday, so I decided to install the hs instead of getting loaded. :grr:
Installed the hs last night, put my pc toghether and pressed start.
Guess what happend, just nothing. I thought I was going to freak out, went to bed around 02.00hrs, woke up 4 hours later, started to get my pc on the run, but nothing.
2 hours later, I came to the conclusion that I busted my mobo for the 2nd time.
Informed with Tones and Comtech for a new mobo, and bid on a tread on ShrimpCity.

An hour ago, i reinstalled everything, and started from square one, and it worked.
But dont ask me what I did wrong, or how I solved it.

Little review.

Amd xp2000+
idle: 31░(
stressed: 33░(

Amd xp2000+@1925mhz
idle: 34░(
stressed: 38░(

I never got my proc higher with my Volc 7+, so I think I should get much more out of my proc with my swiftech.
My temps are quit allright to, but I still have to put 2 papst fans in my case.

So thx again guys :o ;)

jmke 16th November 2002 18:29

sorry to hear about the mobo :-/

maybe we should rename it to Alpha/mobo killer heatsink? ;)

get a Delta 80mm 5400RPM on that Swiftech and you'll get temps that come very close to watercooling :)

Dirty Harry 16th November 2002 19:00

Yeah, I was thinking about that, but Delta's sure make alot of noise, so I'm just gonne enjoy the silence.
Later I will concider a Delta or Sunon
But for the time being, I have no urge for it

Dirty Harry 25th November 2002 19:08

I noticed that my temps are much higher then before, its still the same fan on it and nothing is changed?
Could it be that my hs is a little of the proc or to thight on the proc?

The Senile Doctor 15th December 2002 10:23

how's your temps now?

jmke 15th December 2002 11:57

back to normal after he reattached the heatsink & removed the extra conductive grease :)

Dirty Harry 15th December 2002 19:07

Now at 1800mhz
idle: 35░C

at 1900mhz
idle: 38░C

now its really cold in my room, all the door's and windows open, .... ideal roomtemp ;)
something weird is going on, sometimes my temps change.
example: at 1900 he's stressed at 42░C. When I do it an hour later he's a lot cooler.

Sometimes I get him stable at 1925, and the other time he wouldn't be stable at 1875.


Can any1 explain this

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