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TeuS 7th December 2002 13:20

quad proc's
I've got a mate who wants to participate in f@h :o

I don't know how man pc's he's got, but I think a lot cuz they use there fiber optics.
prob is: lotsa problems with his multiprocessor rig (rigs?). I don't know what or how, but f@h makes his 4cpu's go nuts...

any solution for this? I hope he doesn't quit the folding right now, cuz he might even have acces to more CPU powah then all u ppl have together:grr:

TeuS 7th December 2002 13:31

one of his CPU's just died, he had to put a new one in:grum:

luckily, it's still under guarantee

Bosw8er 7th December 2002 13:34

dual folding by JBELL

Q: How do I setup multiple FAH clients on the same machine?

A: On a single processor machine, as with a dual processor, you need to create multiple folders with different names (e.g. C:\Folding@Home1 and C:\Folding@Home2) and follow the instructions on the "How to Install and Setup the console client", in Section 2.1, for each console client.

Multiple graphical (GUI) clients can not be run on the same machine, at this time.

It is important to note that your user name will be the same for all instances, but the userid must be different for each of the clients!

You will also need to create multiple FAH shortcuts (e.g. FAH1 and FAH2) on your desktop. And, it is very important that you use the -local switch in each of the FAH shortcuts!!!

For dual processor machines, you can set "affinity" (assigning each wu to a particular processor), but with today's newer technology it is not necessary. If you set affinity, you must do it on both the FAH2console.exe and the Core_65.exec.

TeuS 7th December 2002 14:25

he says it doesn't work at his quadcpu riggS (multiple quadcpu pc's!)

his server is powered by 8cpu's:wtf:

trying to convince him to do it anyway :(

jmke 7th December 2002 14:42

QuadCPU = 4 CPU's :)

I used it @ work and folding works flawless on it though :)

TeuS 7th December 2002 15:10


Originally posted by jmke
QuadCPU = 4 CPU's :)

I used it @ work and folding works flawless on it though :)

I know that:p

it's prolly because of the special kind of mainboard I'm afraid :(

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