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jmke 31st March 2009 18:05

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 285 1GB AMP Video Card Review
In the midst of all the rebranding and fine-tuning, NVIDIA managed to make again, the most powerful single-GPU video card. Well, they also made the most powerful dual-GPU video card but thatís not what Iím reviewing, is it. Iím reviewing the GTX 285, the die-shrunk, power-boosted bastard of the GTX 280. Itís really, really powerful. There has to be some kind of flaw, right? In some ways, itís overpriced, but is that even fair? Itís maybe a bit expensive, but only compared to other video cards--for less than $400, Iím sure everyone at NVIDIA thinks theyíre just giving these away. Which is sad for them, great for everyone else. This is an exemplary performer on its own, and costs $200 less than the GTX 280 back when it came out. Did I mention how frustratingly powerful it is?

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