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jmke 17th April 2006 20:45

Zalman VF900-Cu
Just like its predecessor, the VF900-Cu performs extremely well while
keeping things silent. Built with impeccable quality and craftsmanship, not
to mention innovation, Zalman has once again created one awesome cooler.
Unlike other manufacturers, Zalman has made no compromises with the copper
base and not one, but two, heatpipes! Not only that, they have included
memory heatsinks and even the FanMate 2 fan controller.

Rutar 18th April 2006 15:11

YAAAAAAWN, tested on a 6600GT, no Accellero compare and no noise testing

And to critize their decision to release only the CU version, they obviously don't know that making several versions causes huge costs for the retailers and the producers because more units have to be kept in stock. Therefore, 1 version = cheaper.

Can start to do rating of reviews with each of the newsposts? That is a 1/5 review :/

jmke 18th April 2006 15:14


Rutar 18th April 2006 15:18

What if the discussion about it is good and provides insights but the link is low quality?

jmke 18th April 2006 15:24

you can hardly call this a bad quality review, just because they didn't compare to xxx other competitors, tested on a lesser hot hardware or did not have means to measure sound.

it's average quality. bad reviews are the ones where no (or very little) testing is done. those are the one I try to keep from posting.

OČ has been a supporter of this website from the start, their webmaster is a very cool dude; and if we can send some visitors to support their cause than I'd be more than happy to.

the review posted is not bad at all, they test temperatures, GPU/Memory overclock and the impact of the fan controller on the temperature. I'd give it an overall of 7/10, -1 lack of sound tests -1 lack of competitors -1 old tech used for testing.

it doesn't make the review "crap" by any means, as there is still a lot of valueable information there.

Rutar 18th April 2006 16:20

Scales from 10 to 1 aren't great as they hide mediocreness too good, 5 to 1 is better.

-1 for the lack of direct competitor
-1 for lack of noise testing
-1 for old tech
-1 for terribly wrong comment about lack of Al versions

jmke 18th April 2006 17:17


Originally posted by Rutar
Scales from 10 to 1 aren't great as they hide mediocreness too good, 5 to 1 is better.
sure, but then you need to use -0.5 per point

and that last one is not quite correct in my humble opinion, as Zalman provided AlCu version of VF700 , the CNPS7000 and CNPS7700 it would not be so weird as to expect an AlCU version of their latest GPU block.

3.5/5 = 7/10 = same :)

Rutar 19th April 2006 14:34

I'm not a fan of Zalman but their decicion to go only with 1 version is correct. They saw their past mistakes costing them and the consumer money and they don't make it again.

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