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jmke 23rd May 2006 15:53

Zalman CNPS9500-AM2 Socket AM2 Low Noise Heatsink
The Zalman CNPS9500 AM2 heatsink is compatible with all current AMD Athlon64 processors, and in particular the just introduced AMD 940-pin AM2 processor and socket AM2 heatsink retention frame. As this is the very first socket AM2 (aka socket M2) heatsink to enter the FrostyTech test labs, we'll be touching upon the critical differences between socket AM2 and socket 754/939/940 heatsinks in just a moment.

The CNPS9500 AM2 heatsink is identical in materials and size to previous CNPS9500-series heatsinks, but since this cooler is being launched in conjunction with the nVidia nForce 500-series chipset, it has received a few special touches. The Zalman CNPS9500 AM2 is a full copper heatsink, except its surface has been brightly chrome plated to give it that nuclear winter, Terminator 2 android feel. The heatsinks' 92mm fan is internally illuminated with a pair of nVidia green LEDs, which create a very spectacular light effect when the clear frosted fan blades spin at full speed inside a darkened case.

The heatsink is voluminous in size and weighs about 530grams, but it's designed to operate quietly and coolly under low noise, low fan-speed conditions. The Zalman FanMate2 fan speed controller is used to tweak the fan from an audible 2600RPM, right through to the virtually silent fan speed of 1350RPM.

FireTech 23rd May 2006 23:48


The socket AM2 standard also introduces Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) fan speed control, as identified by four-pin fan power cords. For the moment, both fan and motherboard fan header remain backwards compatible with 3-pin RPM sensing fan power cables.
Hmmm, hadn't heard about that before. Very Intel!
Nexus 4 pins anyone.....:o

jmke 24th May 2006 00:11

I noticed that 4-pin fan header also on the Asus nForce5 board

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