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jmke 4th October 2004 11:38

Is your CPU running beyond its specifications?
Are you running an overclocked cpu? and how far did you push it?

wutske 4th October 2004 12:16

Runs most of the time at 20% OC (2500+->3200+), but I think I'm going to keep it at 29%OC (1826->2354)

jort 4th October 2004 14:10

mine is @ 19% oc
2.6 => 3.094 with stockcooling

kr15t0f 4th October 2004 14:14

30% I think, previous processor was almost 35% on stock voltage but my nf7/s stopped at 223MHZ fsb :'( If someone want to change it with a better one I would be very happy :D

FreeStyler 4th October 2004 22:11

My 1800+ ran at 2200MHz (3200+, not quite since it's not a barton) that's a 50% boost. But it's in a low power, low noise system now, doing only 1900 - 2000MHz.

The 2500+ is running at 2200MHz (3200+).
The P4 2.4 can run stable at 3000MHz and probably more. But it's in a fileserver, so it doens't need the speed, and certainly needs to be extremly stable.

kristos 4th October 2004 22:20

family pc mild overclock : Axp 2500+ barton @ 2000 mhz

My OC rig atm: Axp-m 2400+ barton @2646 on air, can't get 2700 stable out of it.

(dead) P4 2.8c @ 3.5 gig, couldn't get 2.6 stable

agent #2 4th October 2004 22:29

My prescott is running at 3825 mhz on air. So that's pretty good i guess. I haven't pushed it further.

yeehaa!! 4th October 2004 22:33

minor and adventerous over here

Boemenenoekinzoe 8th October 2004 20:11

P4 1.6@2.5GHz here. That would be ~56% OC.

jort 8th October 2004 20:25

is it phase-changed :p

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